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I had heard about listening therapy for awhile. However, many doctors and other professionals seemed to dismiss it as kind of “junk science”. I continued to assess children and work with parents whose struggled with auditory processing or sensory processing issues or even reading difficulties that were not being helped with traditional methods used in schools. Although I wanted to help, I was not sure really which direction to point parents in. And then my own son started to struggle with sensory, auditory, speech, and even visual issues. Now I was not just a clinician, but a frustrated parent. I hoped for a therapy that would be multi-sensory, cost effective, and one that would show lasting effects.

It does sound like a bit of an unattainable or lofty goal, doesn’t it? But I was determined to try, and those of you who know me, know my passion for kids and my incredible drive… And I began to explore listening therapy anew. And I stumbled on iLs. A therapy that looked at more than music. It offers a language component, a vestibular component, & the auditory component. It can be tailored to my child’s specific needs. It is focused, affordable, research-based, and a great support for parents. We are proud to offer this innovative therapy both in clinic and at home, to best suit your child’s needs. Check out this link for more information. Then contact us to get started.

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