Parents, we have to be more vocal and vigilant!!

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I just got bgack from vacation and found that one of my colleagues from Florida, yes Florida, had reposted an article that ran in the Houston Chronicle last week talking about Texas’s propensity to under-identify children for Special Education services. As a matter of fact, Texas is the least likely out of the 50 states to identify children as having a disability even though the over-all population for Texas continues to climb. I find this really scary as many parents who come to me looking for diagnostics or advocacy have been put off by schools in a misguided attempt to follow a...

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Summer is the perfect time to catch up!!

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Many people think summer is a time to relax, chill out, and kick back. And it should be. But the scorching heat of summer can be the perfect timet to get organized. Go through your children’s closets. Start a list of what they will need for school and begin watching for the inevitable back to school sales. Many people forget, though, to organize school portfolios and paperwork. Go through all of your child’s work that you have saved from the previous year. Consider whether it will preserve well, i.e. is it made of food items or items that might disentigrate? It is a great idea to...

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To Camp or Not To Camp, That is the Question….

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We, as parents, are constantly striving to broaden our children’s daily lives and knowledge.  Summer brings the perfect opportunity for this type of enriching adventure. My own personal memories would have been very dull without the summer camp experience . I know that my parents must have worried about leaving me in a strange environment to meet new friends and to try different and unfamiliar activities. However, for the parent of a special-needs child, the experience can be as daunting as travelling to a foreign country. There are many things that parents need to consider when...

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