Holidays and Holiday Stress, part deux

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You may not be singing Christmas carols or roasting chestnuts on a roasting fire. The holidays are stressful for many due to unresolved conflict and grief. Loss of loved ones over the year can be especially trying as experiencing the inevitable “firsts” of the year can often invoke painful memories. It is so important to give yourself the time to grieve and process through these emotions. Some key points to remember… 1. It’s alright to cry or to feel sad.  Some days will be better than others. On a bad day, give yourself permission to “cope” with these...

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Creating New Year’s Resolutions that will Positively Impact Your Child’s School Future

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With the holiday season fast becoming a ghost of Christmas past, it is natural to turn to New Year’s Resolutions and how to improve the coming year. Many resolutions are hard to keep. Yet, as an Educational Advocate, I will suggest some that I think are very important. First, don’t be afraid to be a visible presence in your child’s ARD/IEP meeting. Many parents are scared to speak on behalf of their child for fear that they will alienate the school. However, it is critical that you understand the school’s recommendations and read the fine print, starting with the...

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Advocacy FAPE camp is coming!!

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Want to learn some basic advocacy skills to help you in an IEP meeting? What exactly is a Free and Appropriate Education? I can’t read the evaluation. What do all those scores mean? What is transition? How do I know what to request for the STAAR test? What is the school legally obligated to provide? How do I read an IEP or measure progress?  How can I request an ARD meeting? I have so many papers, I don’t know how to organize them all!!  How do I know if I need an advocate? What is an IEE? What are the guidelines for an IEE? I have other questions, but I don’t see them...

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Parents, we have to be more vocal and vigilant!!

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I just got bgack from vacation and found that one of my colleagues from Florida, yes Florida, had reposted an article that ran in the Houston Chronicle last week talking about Texas’s propensity to under-identify children for Special Education services. As a matter of fact, Texas is the least likely out of the 50 states to identify children as having a disability even though the over-all population for Texas continues to climb. I find this really scary as many parents who come to me looking for diagnostics or advocacy have been put off by schools in a misguided attempt to follow a...

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Summer is the perfect time to catch up!!

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Many people think summer is a time to relax, chill out, and kick back. And it should be. But the scorching heat of summer can be the perfect timet to get organized. Go through your children’s closets. Start a list of what they will need for school and begin watching for the inevitable back to school sales. Many people forget, though, to organize school portfolios and paperwork. Go through all of your child’s work that you have saved from the previous year. Consider whether it will preserve well, i.e. is it made of food items or items that might disentigrate? It is a great idea to...

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The Endless Rounds of ARDS and IEPs

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Do you like these IEPs? I do not like these IEP’s I do not like them, Jeeze Louise We test, we check we plan, we meet but nothing ever seems complete. Would you, could you like the form? I do not like the form I see. Not page 1, not 2, not 3. Another change, a brand new box. I think we all Have lost our rocks. Could you all meet here or there? We could not all meet here or there. We cannot all fit anywhere. Not in a room Not in a hall There seems to be no space at all. Would you, could you meet again? I cannot meet again next week No lunch, no prep Please hear me speak. No, not at...

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