Educational / Learning Disability Identification

We believe that all have the capacity to learn, to achieve, to excel. When someone begins to have difficulty in school, college, or in the workplace, there is usually a reason. We at Rich Educational Consulting can not only help you find the cause, we can design interventions to help support your success. Whether it be for school accommodations or program placement, our evaluations are designed with you in mind. Our sessions are tailor made. We don’t use just one battery. We look at your concerns, presenting problem, and what you need, and we create an assessment around that.  Our reports are more than scores. They are designed to present a whole picture of the learner and our feedback session ensures that you thoroughly understand the results.

If you need an evaluation for private schools, public school IEP placement, 504 accommodations, Dyslexia evaluations, pre-school or kindergarten readiness, or SSI disability, we can help.

We are familiar with the Global Intelligence model, and are trained to assess learners using Cross Battery Assessment. We also conduct traditional psyLauren schoolcho-educational assessments as well.

We regularly conduct IEE’s for parents that need a second opinion regarding a school’s findings or recommendations. Contact us to see how we can help you.