Since its inception, Rich Educational Consulting has been committed to not only providing the highest quality psycho-educational evaluations, but also the highest level of service for families. We want you to feel comfortable not only with your child’s assessment, our advocacy services, coaching, groups, listening therapy or resources, but also what each of the services mean for your child and family.

We build rapport with your child & we hear your concerns!

ANYONE trained in assessment or child development can test your child, but not everyone can get a true picture of how your child functions.  At Rich Educational Consulting, we take the time to get to know your child and try to figure out what type of learning or presentation style works best for them. Concerns about diagnosis and implications for school or therapeutic treatment are researched with you and your child’s needs in mind. We want you to feel comfortable and supported.

We value our clients and treat them as we would our own families.

Our staff is trained in the latest trends in assessment, research-based practices and theory, changes in the law, and disability determinations. We continually attend workshops and in-service presentations; our staff is quick to provide resources for districts in our areas of expertise.  Further, we can collaborate with you and the school or determine what you need to take to schools to assist your child in getting the help he or she needs.

We believe intervention strategies are as important as a diagnosis.

At Rich Educational Consulting, you get BOTH, at no additional cost. Further, we meet with you IN PERSON, to discuss results and answer your questions. We also can arrange to attend meetings with you to explain results and implications to schools and daycares. We meet with you at YOUR convenience. LATE AFTERNOON, EVENING, AND WEEKEND appointments are always available.

We strive to give information that is designed to help you and your child’s teachers and caregivers design a program that will foster success at home and in the classroom. Each report is tailored for your child specifically and will include intervention strategies, learning styles, and suggestions for follow-through at home and school.

We also provide resources to support your child’s medical, emotional, and physical care. With our extensive networking, we have compiled a list of qualified professionals, agencies, and referrals, to give your child the advantages he or she needs in order to continue to grow and develop his or her potential.

Advocacy is our middle name!

We work with you to develop a plan that starts where your child is and helps him or her grow to her potential. We will listen to you,address your concerns, explain your options, cut through the red tape, and develop an action plan that you are comfortable with. We attend both 504 meetings and ARD/IEP meetings. We can help you write goals for your child’s learning. We look at behavior plans and Autism supplements.  We explain your rights to you and help you be the crucial participant and informed expert in any parent/teacher conference, but especially in the ARD meeting.

Coaching allows us to work with both parents and children to identify, develop, refine, and build on strengths and coping strategies they already possess. We love working with families to overcome challenges with parenting, power struggles, flexible thinking, control, anxiety, learning how to manage school success, and changing expectations.