Rich Educational Consulting Provides Special Needs Advocacy and 504/IEP Support

We review your child’s paperwork, help review programming, and offer better options. As your child’s advocate, we can work with you to be proactive or reactive, whichever the case need be, about working with the school system to create the best learning environment for your child.

Working within a school’s system can be daunting. You may feel ill-equipped to provide the support your child needs. Rich Educational Consulting can support you to get the resources your child needs to unlock his or her true potential. We attend meetings, we speak the school’s language, we understand your expectations, have helped determine what your child needs, and then we help put supports in place to ensure a fair resolution. Adina Rich has been honored for her work, earning the CCAEYC Child Advocate of the year.

 Rich Educational Consulting Can Help You Become Your Child’s Very Best Advocate

Turning a frustrating school experience into a happy one is as easy as packing your back pack!

Did you know the basics of advocacy are similar to getting ready for school?

IEP, 504, or School Advocacy starts with being prepared!

Know what you want to talk about.

  1. Outline your concerns and ask questions.
  2. Know who to address concerns to.
  3. Communicate concerns in writing.
  4. Communicate clearly and be matter of fact.
  5. Be specific about what needs to be done.
  6. Have your child’s paperwork handy and in order.
  7. Have data to back up what you are asking for.
  8. Decide on a plan of action and follow up.
  9. Don’t give up or agree to something you are not comfortable with or is not in the best interest of your child.
  10. Stay positive and remember that you are an expert on your child!

Feel like you need more support to be your child’s best advocate? We CAN help you.

We offer several options for advocacy, including:

  • CONSULTATION/COACHING – Consult and meet with you to help you organize your thoughts; coach you through possible pitfalls or hurdles you might encounter
  • FILE AND PROGRAM REVIEW – Review your child’s IEP, proposed IEP, or 504 service plan including accommodations, schedule of services and supplements
  • OBSERVATIONS AND CONSULTATION – We can observe your child in a specific setting, collaborate with you and school staff, and tailor accommodations and program recommendations
  • IEE – Conduct Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs); (We can also work in a multi-disciplinary team just like the school district, if called for), Refer you to other providers and community resources as necessary
  • ARD SUPPORT/ATTENDANCE – Attend ARD/IEP meetings or parent conferences with you and help you and the school craft an appropriate program for your child and get your concerns on record;
  • COMPLAINTS – We will help you file complaints at local, district, and state levels
  • MEDIATION – We can help prepare documents and support you through local or state facilitated mediation
  • TRAINING- Provide advocacy training through our Parenting GEMS advocacy class and/or utilize our  perfect “MAP” System
  • RETAINER – Varying degrees of support – Design a comprehensive and affordable advocacy retainer program to meet your family’s unique needs – from records review to school follow up and IEP/504 consultation to email and phone support for you or you and the school to unlimited support;

 Rich Educational Consulting has helped families in the following school districts:

Arlington ISD                                          Highland Park ISD

Anna ISD                                                  Keller ISD

Aubrey ISD                                              Lancaster ISD

Azle ISD                                                   Lewisville ISD

Beaumont ISD                                        Little Elm ISD

Birdville ISD                                            Mansfield ISD

Carrollton – Farmers Branch ISD       McKinney ISD

Coppell ISD                                             Northside ISD

Community  ISD                                    Northwest ISD

Dallas ISD                                               Plano ISD

Crowley ISD                                            Richardson ISD

Denton ISD                                             Rockwall ISD

Desoto ISD                                              Royce City ISD

Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD             Scurry -Rosser ISD

Farmersville ISD                                   Sherman ISD

Fort Worth ISD                                     Southlake-Carroll ISD

Frisco ISD                                              Westlake Academy

Garland ISD                                          Wortham ISD

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD                  Wylie ISD

Grand Prairie ISD


Charter Schools:

Harmony Charter Schools

Life School

Imagination Academy



Out of State:

Memphis City Schools, Tennessee

Muskogee Public Schools, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Haskell Public Schools, Haskell, Oklahoma

Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa, Oklahoma




 * a signed contract for services, meeting deposit, and a valid form of payment must be on file or advocate will not be able to represent client. ** Client must be current on payment or advocate retains the right to suspend services. *** all dates and times for services must be cleared, confirmed, and paid for in advance with advocate or advocate may not be available for your meeting. ****rescheduled meetings, late cancellation, or no-show appointments may incur additional fees.