Want to change your life in as little as one hour?

Adina offers coaching services for clients in a wide variety of situations:


  •  clients experiencing life transitions such as re-entering or leaving work force, retirement
  •  Navigating the college or job world
  •  anxiety or phobias
  • coaching obsessive compulsive disorder
  •  challenges with parenting
  •  supermom syndrome and finding life balance
  •  executive function differences
  • school problems and motivation issues
  •  relating to others or other socialization issues
  •  challenges relating to raising children or family members with special needs
  •  coping with infertility, grief, and loss, loss of a child
  • Becoming a caregiver for a parent
  •  caring for parents or loved ones with terminal illness
  •  children adjusting to divorce
  •  assertiveness training and self advocacy


Advantages to Coaching:

There is nothing inherently wrong with many people. We all have the capacity to learn and grow from past success. Coaching refines your abilities. Coaching allows you to grow and succeed in a positive and nurturing environment. Adina believes that those who are ready to embrace new challenges, refine their thinking, and are ready to take the next step in personal growth are ideal candidates for coaching.  And, if you needed another reason to embark on this life changing journey, for a limited time, Adina is offering FREE coaching consults. Contact us today to discover how coaching can benefit you!

Difficulty coming to the office? Trying to work around kids’ nap schedules?  Travel a lot for business? No problem!

Coaching can be offered in the setting of your choice via SKYPE or telephone.