Kids Coaching

603501_4127957649409_994920208_n[1]It’s great to be a kid, right?

How many times have we, as parents, thought that? However, the reality is, that many kids have more adjustment problems than we realize. Here is where coaching can help. You may be wondering why we advocate life coaching for kids. We coach kids in many areas of skill development.  We put them on team sports and they master the art of soccer, football, and baseball. They do homework to help them transfer what they learned in school. Often times, we neglect the simple art of helping them juggle the demands of their busy lives. Coaching helps kids focus in the now and assists them in identifying, using, and fine tuning the core strengths and problem solving strategies they already possess. Coaching enables kids to build on a scaffold new skills to those they know, so it makes the transfer and learning easier!

Coaching will assist and teach:

  •  how to organize information
  • how to use those study skills wisely
  • increase focus and attention
  • how to plan for and complete tasks (procrastination & time management)
  • how to interact effectively with others
  • turn taking and group skills
  •  how to cope with peer pressure & bullies
  • reducing anxiety and other obsessive behaviors
  •  how to cope with their own feelings of inadequacy or insecurity
  • career or college goal planning
  • self advocacy skills


 In short, we offer coping strategies for kids that will help them be successful in all aspects of their lives. Contact us today to find out how coaching can help your child!! Coaching is also a great addition to Listening Therapy!