“Don’t go to an IEP meeting without her.” – parent of a pre-k student

“Inservice hours are a must. You’ve got to get them.  Call Adina. She is an entertaining speaker, knowledgeable, funny. I learned a lot. She also makes the time go by really fast.” – workshop participant

“Adina is a humorous speaker that has the ability to make even the toughest subjects like Child Abuse relatable” – workshop participant

“Kids are not just a disability category here. Adina will look over your child’s plan and help you figure out what it says vs. what you want. And, she knows how to work with districts to mitigate the effects of bad teachers…” – parents of a middle schooler

“Adina is the whole package, an assessment person, a mom whose been there with her own kids, and the most real, solution based advocate out there. She will listen, she will understand, she will guide, and she will help you fix. She really gets it!!!”

“Adina knew we were working parents, and that we did not want our daughter pulled from school. She was able to accommodate us on a WEEKEND. We even were able to have our feedback session the following week at 7:00!” – parents of middle schooler”

“Adina called me back on a Saturday evening after she received my frantic email. She was compassionate and confident. I immediately felt better after talking to her and we came up with a plan of action for my son’s IEP and were able to get scheduled with the school within a week to change the program.” – parents of a 1st grader

” Adina understands assessment and the school cannot put anything over on her. She calls them out on their jargon or asks for clarification to make sure we understand the process and the can really participate.” – parents of a third grader

” What a great speaker. Adina is funny and makes your inservice time go so fast….” – pre school teachers inservice

 “Adina commands respect at the ARD table. I could not get the school to listen to my concerns. She not only got them to stop ignoring what I said but my concerns were actually addressed at the meeting.   It was the first time I felt like I was a real participant in the discussions” – mom of kindergartener

“Adina is not afraid to speak her mind, and although I did not agree with or do all that she recommended, I know that she really cared about my child.” – Mom of an Elementary School Student

“Adina takes the time to get to know your child. What a refreshing concept. The assessment she created was not a cookie cutter, but rather based upon my needs assessment of what I thought my child needed combined with what Adina felt needed to be added as the process evolved.  Love her and highly recommend.” – Mom of a High School Student

“Adina recommended that the school evaluate my son for dyslexia. We wanted her to do it, because she seemed to really be in the know for what Jacob needed. Adina wanted me to try the school route first. The school felt like it was immaturity and ADHD, but they agreed to the assessment to appease me. Lo and behold, it was dyslexia!” – Mom of a First Grader

“My husband and I needed an advocate that took the time to listen to our concerns and to also work with our different personalities. We had a bad experience with advocacy and were hesitant to try it again. Adina really helped us hone our concerns and really helped maximize our time with the school. She knows her stuff and you won’t be sorry.” – J.R., Mom of a Fifth Grader

“We hired Adina to do our vision and hearing screenings. She got our kids so comfortable and they can’t wait for the treasure lady to come back again!!” – Pre-school in Plano, Texas

“Adina understands the paperwork – even from out of state. She talks to you about your options. She makes it easy to understand and takes the time to hear what you want as a parent.” – Parent of an Elementary School Student

“What a difference taking Adina to a meeting makes. Not only did the school add accommodations, they put our daughter into 504. They even invited the middle school counselor there to address how her program could change at middle school. We could not even get the school to acknowledge a problem before Adina came along!” – Parent of a Fifth Grader

“I did not realize the importance of parenting for goodness of fit.  Adina really make sure you understand how to reach your child, and she is a great speaker!!” – Counselor at a Middle School

“Adina and her staff really understand the evaluation process. If you want interventions and recommendations that will really help your child, you’ve got to call her. You won’t be sorry. She is a godsend.” – Grateful Mom of a Third Grader

“We were feeling really anxious about our ARD meeting and really wanted someone to help us. Adina read through our faxes, did a phone consult, and sat down on a Saturday to do plan our strategy. We felt more comfortable at the meeting, knew what to expect and are on the way to getting what we wanted!! THANKS!!” – Parents of a Second Grader

“Adina was so tactful and diplomatic at our ARD meeting that the district representative took her card! WOW! Now that is impressive!” – Parent of a Fifth Grader

“Adina helps us see the humor in parenting! Listening to her stories makes us feel like we are not alone! She really humanizes the process and we understand that parenting is not a perfect process!!” – Parents of a Pre-schooler and Elementary School Student

“We appreciate that Adina was able to get to us so quickly. She called us back immediately, scheduled a consultation and evaluation with our daughter within a WEEK! Nobody else could work with us in that time frame. And the personal attention was really appreciated. Adina also took the time to really explain the results. We didn’t feel like a number.” – Parent of a Second Grader

“Adina is logical, and the advantage of using her as an advocate for your ARD  is that she has sat on both sides as a parent and a district person, so she really can get to the heart of the matter! She also speaks the school’s language so she knows what they are going to propose and she tells us what we need to ask before we get there.” – Parent of a Kindergartner Who Wanted Child Included in a Gen-ed Classroom

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Our son is finally smiling about schoolwork. He has gained almost 200 points on his reading test just this semester alone!! We could not have done it without you.” -Parent of a Second Grader

“You were a great help in getting the school to understand what Emilee needed. The strategies you suggested at the conference were easy for the teachers to implement and have made an impact on her performance.” – Parent of a First Grader

“You were so instrumental in helping my grandson with his social skills, we knew just who to turn to for our ADHD assessment.” -Grandparent of an 8-year-old

“My son has had much fewer behavior problems since our social skills training and your parent consult. We are so proud of him.” -Mom of a Kindergartner

“You were so tactful yet persistent at our ARD meeting. The school and I are really trying to work it out. THANKS for your help.” – Mom of a Junior High Student

“Thanks to your assessment we were able to get our daughter in a dyslexia program.” – Mom of a Third Grader

“I don’t think an attorney could have done any better! Positive advocacy really works, and the district seemed to be really receptive to your suggestions.” – Parent of a Fourth Grader

“Adina is a humorous yet practical speaker whose training really hits the mark. She takes the time to really answer questions and has a down-to-Earth way that entertains as well as educates. The day went so fast, and I’ve got the hang of using RtI now.” – First and Third Grade  Teachers