"Want to empower your child to reach his or her true potential?"

Rich Educational Consulting is a Comprehensive Resource & Evaluation Center For Children And Adults With Special Needs Within Learning Environments From Pre-School Through College


Since its inception, Rich Educational Consulting has been committed to not only providing the highest quality psycho-educational evaluations, but also the highest level of service for families. We want you to feel comfortable not only with your child’s assessment, our advocacy services, coaching, groups, listening therapy or resources, but also what each of the services mean for your child and family.



  • comprehensive in-services
  • teacher consultation
  •  behavior management plans and consultations
  •  counseling, executive functioning, pragmatic language, and social thinking evaluations
  •  facilitated ARD support
  •  facilitated 504 meeting support
  • bilingual evaluation support
  • We conduct IEEs
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We also offer thorough and affordable HEARING and VISION screenings including pre-school screenings. Our unique approach identifies children at risk and ensures that more children pass the first time as they understand the process. We work well with second language learners and developmentally or learning delayed students. Schedule your school now! contact us today!

College & Professionals

Kids with special needs grow up to become college students and adult professionals who continue to work with their unique learning needs. Rich Educational Consulting offers many services for adults, including career screening and vocational assesment, disability accommodations and college accommodation testing, job training, and other workshops to enhance adult learning.463511273

We now offer academic and study skills coaching aimed at teaching vital abilities such as organization, time and project management, note taking, planning, and more!! Contact us today to discover how specialized professional coaching can work for you!