• comprehensive in-services
  • teacher consultation
  •  behavior management plans and consultations
  •  counseling, executive functioning, pragmatic language, and social thinking evaluations
  •  facilitated ARD support
  •  facilitated 504 meeting support
  • bilingual evaluation support
  • We conduct IEEs
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We also offer thorough and affordable HEARING and VISION screenings including pre-school screenings. Our unique approach identifies children at risk and ensures that more children pass the first time as they understand the process. We work well with second language learners and developmentally or learning delayed students. Schedule your school now! contact us today!

“We hired Adina to do our vision and hearing screenings. She got our kids so comfortable and they can’t wait for the treasure lady to come back again!!”    – Pre-school in Plano, Texas


Top-rated Programs for In-service Training and Staff Development

We are available to do in-service training and development for your school, daycare or pre-school on issues, including:

  • Team-building;
  • Developmental delays or learning differences;
  • Cultural diversity;
  • Building parental support;
  • Making your student support team really supportive
  • Character building and bullying
  • Reading for Meaning
  • The Importance of Executive Function
  • Much more that can be tailored to your unique needs.

To schedule Adina Rich for your school’s in-service or staff training, contact us today!